Please go through How do I turn on Nearby notifications on my Android device? before you proceed.

If you are not seeing Nearby notifications on any of your Android devices after turning on all the required settings, please send us the Nearby Notification logs which will help us debug the Nearby Notifications not visible on certain Android devices.

Please follow the below steps on your Android Phones and send us the Nearby Notifications logs through email.

1. Enable Developer Mode

    Go to Settings App > About Device
    If you see the Build Number, Click on it seven times
    If you don't see the Build Number, Software Info > Build Number, Click on it seven times

2. Turn on "debug mode" for Nearby
     Settings > Google > Nearby > Gear icon > Include debug results
3. Restart bluetooth (or the phone entirely), then re-create the situation which you are trying to debug.
4. Create a Android Bug Report
    Settings > Developer Options > Turn USB Debugging On > Take Bug Report
    It will take some time to capture the report. After that there will be a notification similar to below, click on it.

Please mail the bug report to us at, we will look into it.

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