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Simplify digital business cards creation using templates
Simplify digital business cards creation using templates

Use templates to quickly create your digital business cards.

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Creating and scaling digital business cards for multiple employees simultaneously can be tedious. You may need to replicate the card’s design every time you create the cards. To simplify this process, you can now create and use a template for your digital business cards and use it whenever you create them.

Using a template, you can fix a design theme that fits your brand’s image using layouts, color themes and font styles. Once done, you can reuse this template to replicate the same design for all the cards you create. This helps you to create cards for your employees with ease.


  • Beaconstac Cards Team Plan or above with administrator privileges.

  • At least one card created in the account.

Create a template for your digital business cards

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account as administrator.

  2. Click Cards from the drop-down in the top-left.

  3. Go to My Cards or Organization Cards.

  4. In the list of cards displayed, hover over the three dots icon in the right corner of the card that you wish, then click Mark as template.

  5. Click Settings in the right menu.

  6. Select the editable fields that you want to disable in your template.

Note: The Settings option for disabling and enabling editable fields is available only in Beaconstac’s Business plan or above.

The selected card will be added to your template. You can select the created template as your card’s design whenever you create cards.

To remove a card from templates, hover over the more options in the right corner of the card, then click Unmark as template.

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