Custom parameters are an advanced type of URL parameter that you can add to your dynamic QR code’s URLs. You can enhance your QR code tracking abilities by choosing what values your custom parameters record once someone scans your code.

This article explains how to set up custom parameters on your Website QR codes.


Custom parameters are supported on Website QR codes.

Go to QR Codes

  1. Create a new dynamic website QR code

    1. Go to Create on the top right of your dashboard.

    2. Choose QR code from the dropdown menu.

    3. Click on Website.

  2. Or, edit an existing dynamic website QR Code

    1. Go to QR codes on the side panel.

    2. Choose the dynamic website QR code you want to add parameters to.

Add custom parameters to your QR code

  1. Enter the website link under Enter URL to link it with your QR code.

  2. Click on Parameters.

  3. Click on Add new parameter under Manage Parameters.

  4. Add Parameter name and Value

  5. Click on Add parameter to finish.

    Note: You can now see your link with the custom parameters at the end of the link.

  6. You can add a new parameter and its corresponding value by clicking Add parameter.

    Note: The new custom parameters will concatenate behind the previous parameters at the end of the link. You can add unlimited custom parameters to your QR code.

  7. Click on Save to finish.

  8. Click on Next to customize your QR code.

  9. Click on Next to finish.

  10. Enter a name for your QR code and click Save.

    Your QR code is now ready!

  11. Scan your QR code to check its corresponding link and its custom parameters.

  12. You can also Download your QR code by clicking on Download QR code below the preview on your right.

  13. Click on Finish to get done.

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