Being an effective and front-line medium to form connections with your potential clients, customizing your Digital Business Card (DBC) that represents your brand’s theme will undoubtedly increase your company’s value and trust among the clients. You can add and customize your brand’s logo, color theme, font, and style while you create DBCs for your employees.


Add Branding to your Digital Business Card

Create your Digital Business Card

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Click QR Codes in the left menu.

  3. Click + CREATE QR CODE in the top-right corner.

  4. Click Digital Business Card (vCard) under the Dynamic QR Code section.

  5. In the Setup tab, select a layout for your DBC.

  6. Enter the employee details for whom you want to create DBC.

Add Branding to your Card

  1. Under the Logo section, upload your brand’s logo.

  2. In the Font section, choose your preferred font that suits your company’s theme well. We support 1400+ Google fonts, so you can search and select any Google fonts.

  3. Choose a color that represents your company’s color profile and theme for the Primary Color. This color will be shown more predominantly in your DBC, depending on the layout you select.

  4. Choose a color for the Profile Text Color as per your brand’s theme. This color will be applied to the texts that are shown on the card.

  5. You can also choose Secondary Color accordingly. This color will be applied to the contact details on the card.

  6. Choose the font size of the title in Title Font Size. Ensure that it is not too large or small.

Once done, add the contact information of your employees, customize the QR code for your DBC, and distribute them with your employees.

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