Once you are done creating Digital Business Cards (DBCs) for your employees, it is time to share them with your peers. Traditionally, you would have to print QR codes on paper cards, and the people have to scan them to view the Digital Business Cards. But Beaconstac provides multiple ways to distribute the cards with your people digitally. With the introduction of wallet passes, we believe you do not need to print or worry about the distribution of printed business cards since you can use wallet pass a digital medium. You can either distribute them manually with individual employees or automate the process to distribute them to various employees at once.


  • Beaconstac Plus plan or above with admin privileges for the Auto-send Wallet Pass feature. Manual distribution feature is available for all plans.

Info: To integrate Microsoft Azure Active Directory with your Beaconstac account, you must be under the Enterprise plan with admin privileges.

Manually distribute DBCs with your employees via Wallet Passes

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Create your Digital Business Cards (DBCs).

  3. In the Done tab, enter a name for your QR code, then click Save.

  4. Under the Share digital business card with wallet passes section, click either Apple Wallet pass or Google Wallet pass to distribute your DBCs via your preferred Wallet pass.

  5. In the pop-up, do one of the following:

    1. Scan the displayed QR code or copy the URL to download the Wallet pass.

    2. Enter the email address of the employee to whom the QR code has to be sent. Once the employee receives the email, they can scan or copy the URL to obtain the Wallet pass.

  6. Once the Wallet pass is obtained, the QR code displayed in the Wallet pass should be scanned to obtain the DBC.

Note: The Digital Business Cards can only be distributed via Wallet pass or QR code and cannot be directly sent or downloaded.

Distribute DBCs with your employees in bulk

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Click QR codes in the left menu.

  3. You can distribute the Wallet pass by doing one of the following:

    1. If you want to distribute only selected DBCs, select the Digital Business Cards (DBCs) that you want to distribute, then click Share Wallet pass in the top-right.

    2. If you want to distribute all the DBCs:

      1. Click Filters, then select Campaigns as Name.

      2. Select Digital Business Card (vCard), then click Apply.

      3. Now, choose a DBC, then click Select All <n> QR Codes.

      4. Click Share Wallet pass in the top-right.

Note: The selection of the DBCs will be disappeared once you go to the next page. So, distribute the DBCs you selected on the current page before moving to the next page.

All the selected DBCs will be sent as Wallet passes to their respective employees’ email addresses. They must follow the instructions in the email to obtain and share their DBCs.

Auto-send Wallet passes

You can auto-send Wallet passes to their respective employees’ email addresses as soon as a DBC is created without manually sharing by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Click on your profile in the top-right corner, then click Organizations.

  3. Click on the icon in the left corner of the organization you want to enable auto-send.

  4. Turn on the Auto send wallet passes to owner.

  5. Click Save.

Automatic creation and distribution of DBCs using Azure Active Directory and Beaconstac integration

If you want to create and distribute DBCs for all your employees at an instance simultaneously, you can integrate your Beaconstac account with your organization’s Microsoft Azure Active Directory account. This will allow the seamless creation and distribution of DBCs for all your employees.

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