You must form connections and cherish relationships to establish your brand name and trust. One of the common ways to share your business contact information is through a business card, otherwise known as a visiting card. In a world where people are entirely dependent on their smartphones, the odds of them checking your card and contacting you are pretty low.

According to a recent survey by, it is estimated that about 80% of the physical business cards that are shared are being thrown away by people. Printing such cards also has immense environmental effects, as nearly 6 million trees are destroyed to produce them. Considering all these, it is high time you shift your focus towards Digital Business Cards to elevate your brand image and effectively form connections with your potential customers.

What are Digital Business Cards (DBCs)?

Digital Business Cards (DBCs) are business cards that are created, stored, and managed digitally without any real-world operations. You can decide what information should be displayed on the card, how your DBCs should look and how you can share them. DBCs can be shared either via email or by scanning a QR code. It is much easier to create, design, and share than traditional business cards. DBCs may otherwise be referred to as virtual cards (vCards).

DBCs vs Physical Business Cards

Digital Business Cards (DBCs)

Physical Business Cards

Can be created immediately via a digital platform.

Take more time to be printed.

Can be distributed among employees in an instant.

Take more time and effort to be distributed among your employees.

Can be shared in multiple ways, such as via email, QR code, and Wallet Pass.

Can only be shared in person after printing the cards.

Save time, effort, and money.

Can be more tedious and consumes more money.

Are a new and effective way to form connections.

A more traditional way to form connections.

Are scalable for enterprises.

Are less scalable for enterprises.

How do Digital Business Cards work?

Consider an organization that has 100-500 employees. In the case of physical cards, the company has to order the required number of business cards for all their employees to a printing centre and share them with their employees one by one. They must go through the entire process again if they recruit ten more employees.

But, with Digital Business Cards, you can create and design them effectively over a single console and share them with your employees immediately via their email or using QR codes.

Additionally, with our platform, you can share your DBCs via Google and Apple Wallet Passes, making it much easier for you and your employees to store and manage the cards.

How to get started with Digital Business Cards?

With Beaconstac, you can easily create DBCs using predefined layouts. You can also customize your cards that fit your brand’s theme. Once you are done creating the cards, you can share them with your employees via Wallet Passes or QR codes.

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