Beaconstac’s Digital Business Card helps you easily share your contact information that can be saved instantly on a smartphone.

Here's how to create a Digital Business Card in the Beaconstac dashboard.

Step 1: Go to Digital Business Card

Go to 'QR codes’ in the left panel, click on ‘Create QR Code’ on the top right, and choose ‘Digital Business Card (vCard)’ as the Dynamic QR Code type to begin.

Step 2: Build your Digital Business Card

Choose from one of the three card layouts to start building your digital business card.

Add your contact details and social links, and customize the look of your business card.

Note: You can turn the ‘Directly download vCard on scan’ toggle ON under ‘Additional Settings’ to let your audience directly download your Digital Business Card(.vcf) when they scan your Digital Business Card.

Step 3: Customize your Digital Business Card QR Code

Click “Next” to choose from QR code templates or design a customized QR code. You can change your QR code's pattern, logo, eyes, background, and image here.

Click on ‘Next’ to go to the next step.

Step 4: Share your Digital Business Card

Your Digital Business Card is now ready. Name your card and start sharing away!

Beaconstac provides you with auto-created Apple and Google Wallet passes. Wallet Passes are an easily shareable form of your Digital Business Card.

Click on any wallet pass button to scan the QR Code and save your wallet pass. Alternatively, you can enter an email address to receive a downloadable link to the wallet pass.

Here’s an example of an Apple Wallet pass:

Note: You can always change the contact details, customize the design, and toggle the settings of your Digital Business Card. You can view, edit and download your Digital Business Card under ‘QR codes’ as shown below.

You can always edit, rename or duplicate an existing Digital Business Card after creating it by clicking on ‘Edit’.

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