Digital Business Cards (DBCs) are the new way to establish your brand name and create connections. With Beaconstac, you can now create, customize, and share DBCs with your employees swiftly without any manual effort.


Create your Digital Business Card

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Click QR Codes drop-down in the left menu, then click QR codes.

  3. Click + CREATE QR CODE in the top-right corner.

  4. Click Digital Business Card (vCard), under the Dynamic QR Code section.

  5. In the Setup tab, select a layout for your DBC.

  6. Enter the employee's contact details for whom you want to create DBC.

    Note: You can enable the viewers to automatically download the card when they scan the QR code, by going to the Additional settings tab, and enabling the Directly download vCard on scan.

  7. In the Branding section, set up your company’s branding details such as your company’s logo, colour palette, and font of your card to match your brand’s theme.

  8. In the Contact Details section, add the required contact details.

  9. In the Social Links section, add the required social media links.

  10. Click Next.

Customize QR Code for your Digital Business Card

  1. In the Customize tab, select a design for your QR code. You can select a design from an existing template or create your own design:

    1. To choose from an existing template, click Templates. Click on an existing QR template that you want to proceed with.

    2. To create your own design, do the following:

      1. If you want to display your brand’s logo in the QR code, click Logo.

      2. Under the SELECT A LOGO section, browse and upload a file from your system or choose from an existing gallery app listed under the OR CHOOSE FROM GALLERY section. If you want to set the logo’s background to white, enable Set Logo Background To White

      3. Click Eyes, then select an eye ball and an eye frame color for the QR code.

      4. Click Pattern, then choose a pattern and its color.

      5. Click Background, then either select a color or upload an image, or make it transparent.

      6. Click Frames, then select a frame and its color. Under FRAME TEXT section, enter a text that should be displayed on the QR code’s frame, and modify the text’s color if needed.

  2. If you want to track the location of the QR code scans, enable GPS location under the ADVANCE LOCATION ANALYTICS section.

  3. If you want to customize your QR code further, expand SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS. You can enable password protection, set a start and end date for the QR code campaign, and set an age limit to access the content of the QR code.

  4. Click Next.

Distribute Digital Business Cards to your employees

  1. In the Done tab, enter a name for your QR code, then click Save.

  2. You can either share your DBCs via Google or Apple Wallet pass or download the QR code.

  3. Click Finish.

Note: To automatically create and distribute your DBCs for your employees, integrate your Beaconstac account with your organization’s Microsoft Azure Active Directory

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