STEP 1: Create your digital business card QR Code

Firstly, you must create your digital business card on Beaconstac before you can save it as an Apple Wallet pass. Let’s briefly go through the 4-step process—

(1) Select the QR Code type as Digital Business Card (vCard).

(2) Enter all the info you want to be shown on your Digital Business Card.

(3) Customize your QR Code design to your liking.

(4) Click Next and you will have created your Digital Business Card QR Code.

STEP 2: Click on the ‘Show Advanced Options’ dropdown after creating your Digital Business Card QR Code

Step 3: Click on ‘Get Apple Wallet pass’

Step 4: Paste the URL on your browser to download the Apple Wallet Pass if you’re already on your phone—or if not—send it to your email and save it later

Step 5: As soon as you visit this URL address on your phone’s browser (either by pasting directly or via email), a file with the extension ‘.pkpass’ will be downloaded

NOTE: You can use the same '.pkpass' file to open your wallet pass on Android applications that support it.

Step 6: Open the file and you’ll automatically get a prompt to add your Digital Business Card QR Code to your Apple Wallet

Step 7: Your Digital Business Card will be ready to view on your Apple Wallet

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