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Creating organizations in Beaconstac
Creating organizations in Beaconstac

Create organizations for better team management.

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Organizations on Beaconstac enable you to better organize your teams and the resources (QR Codes, templates, landing pages, forms, etc) that they have access to.

This is perfect for agile businesses that are looking to configure their teams to maximize their efficiency or agencies that need separate channels to deal with each client.

NOTE - Organizations are only available for customers on Business+ plan.

By default, all users are added to the master organization. However, you can create more organizations for better management in just a few minutes.

Here’s how it works:

NOTE - The organization menu can be accessed only by the account owner and administrators. However, only the owner and administrators in the master organization can add new organizations.

  • Click on the ‘Add’ button on the top right.

  • In the window that appears, enter the name of your new organization. You can also add a Google Analytics code to track retargeting. Doing so will enforce these IDs on all QR Codes, forms, landing pages, etc., within the organization.

Similarly, you can also enforce pre-made templates to the organization by ticking the checkbox at the bottom (Business+ plan only). This will ensure that all QR Codes created within the organization will match the same brand templates.

Once completed, select ‘Save’.

You can also click on 'Manage Permissions' to set defaults for an Organization.

  • You can now add users to the new organization by heading over to the user management menu. To know more about adding new users to Beaconstac, click here.

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