Owners of Beaconstac accounts can transfer account ownership to other members of their teams - directly from the dashboard. There are a few things to note regarding account ownership transfer on Beaconstac:

  • This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan.

  • There can be only one owner for every Beaconstac account.

  • Account ownership transfer can only be initiated by the account owner.

  • Only administrators in the master organization are eligible to be made account owners.

  • An owner who transfers account ownership will become an administrator in the master organization by default.

Click here to learn more about user roles and multi-user access management.

How to transfer account ownership

  • Scroll down to select ‘Transfer ownership.’

  • Select an administrator from the Master organization that you wish to make the account owner and enter their email as specified. In the field below, enter your password to confirm the transfer of ownership.

NOTE - If no administrator exists in the master organization, you will not be able to transfer ownership. Appoint or add an administrator for the master organization before continuing with this step.

  • Click on transfer to complete the process. The administrator you specified will now become the account owner, while you will be made an administrator in the Master Organization.

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