What is Beaconstac Shield?
Learn more about the anomaly detection protocol that maintains QR scan data integrity for accurate analytics.
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Accurate QR performance metrics are vital to creating and evolving an effective QR Code campaign.

However, interference from bots and other users with malicious intent can lead to a skewed data set. This occurs when bots repeatedly scan a single QR Code over and over again, leading to bloated QR scan numbers.

Without accurate QR metrics, it becomes difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your QR campaign and find areas where improvements can be made.

Beaconstac Shield is a solution to this problem.

Beaconstac shield is an anomaly detection framework aimed at ensuring that QR scan metrics are protected from bot interference that may result in skewed data matrices.

While we use AWS to protect our platform and users from high-level security threats, Beaconstac shield takes a more precise approach and protects individual QR Codes from bot interference.

This will ensure that abnormal scan behavior is identified and filtered from your QR Code’s analytics, leaving you with accurate scan metrics that you can use to understand QR performance.

Beaconstac Shield is enabled for users of all plans - from trial and starter accounts to enterprise-level accounts - to create a secure ecosystem for all our users.

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