Beaconstac supports the transfer of ownership between organizations and teams to enable seamless and agile QR Code generation and management.

Note - This feature is only available to customers on the Plus and Enterprise plans.

How to transfer QR ownership

  • Head over to the Beaconstac dashboard and go to the QR Code menu. Next, find the QR Code for which you wish to transfer ownership and click ‘Edit’.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the editing page and select ‘Fleet Management'. Use the fields that appear to transfer ownership.

    Note - Only administrators in the Master Organization will be able to access the fleet management option. This is to ensure that QR ownership transfer is centralized.

  • If you wish to transfer ownership to another organization, use the ‘Change organization’ dropdown to select the organization you wish to transfer ownership to.

  • You can then select the user you would like to transfer ownership to using the ‘Change Owner’ dropdown menu.

Note - You can only transfer ownership to users within the selected organization.

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