Beaconstac supports the transfer of ownership between organizations and teams to enable seamless and agile QR Code generation and management.

Note - This feature is only available to customers on the Plus and Enterprise plans.

How to transfer QR ownership

  • Head over to the Beaconstac dashboard and go to the QR Code menu. Next, find the QR Code for which you wish to transfer ownership. Use the ‘Edit’ dropdown list to click on 'Change Owner'.

Note - Only administrators in the Master Organization can access this option. This is to ensure that the QR ownership transfer is centralized.

  • If you wish to transfer ownership to another organization, use the ‘Change organization’ dropdown to select the organization you wish to transfer ownership to. You can then select the organization you would like to transfer ownership to using the dropdown menu.

Note - You can only transfer ownership to users within the selected organization.

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