Meta Pixel, formerly known as Facebook Pixel, is a JavaScript code provided by Meta for your Meta Business Account, that helps you to track the visitors of your website. It provides you insights that enable you to understand your visitors’ behaviour and the effectiveness of the ads and campaigns that you run for your business. By integrating Pixel with your Beaconstac account, you can track the number of scans for your QR code. Based on your observations, you can plan and make adjustments to your ad campaigns that fit your user base.


Obtain Pixel ID from Meta Pixel

  1. Click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner, then click Data Sources in the left menu.

  2. Click Pixels.

  3. Copy the ID under your pixel’s name.

Integrate Meta Pixel with Beaconstac

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Click Integrations in the left menu.

  3. Click Facebook Pixel.

  4. Paste the copied ID in the Facebook Pixel Code field.

  5. Click Save.

Once done, you can now track the number of people who have scanned your QR codes with Meta Pixel and make adjustments to retarget your ads towards your users to improve your ad campaign efficiency. You can also test your campaigns and events whether they are working properly and run diagnosis for your Pixel by clicking Open in Events Manager.

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