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User roles and multi-user access management
User roles and multi-user access management

Learn how you can add new users and manage access levels for your Organization.

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Beaconstac allows you to add multiple users to the same organization and assign different access levels for each user.

There are three levels of access:

  • Owner: Owners are individuals who signed up to a Beaconstac account for their teams. All additional payments and subscriptions for the team's Beaconstac account are taken care of by the owner. Owners can also transfer account ownership to an administrator in the Master Organization. Note that there can only be one account owner at a time.

  • Administrator: Administrators can add/remove users from their organization. They can also manage all resources created by any user - including QR codes, landing pages, and forms.

  • Editor: Editors can see and modify only their own resources, but not those belonging to other Editors or Administrators.

  • Viewer: Viewers have read-only access to resources and data already present. They cannot create or modify anything.

Note - Multi-user access management is available only in the Plus plan and above.

How to add new users to your organization

  • You will now be able to see all the users and their access levels. To add a new user, click on the ‘Add’ button.

  • On the window that appears, enter the email address, organization, access group (administrator, editor, or viewer), and name of the user you wish to add.

  • The user will then receive an email inviting them to join your Beaconstac organization.

Note - Owners and administrators can always change the access level for a user by selecting the ‘edit’ button next to their name in the ‘Manage users’ section.

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