Bring your brand to your QR Codes with Beaconstac’s QR Code background customization. Pick a custom color, upload an image or opt for a transparent background.

How to customize QR Code background

Step 1: Create QR Code

Head over to the QR Code creation menu on your dashboard. Select the type of QR Code you wish to create, enter the relevant details and follow the steps till you reach the customization screen.

Step 2: Select the background type

Select the ‘Background’ section under design and select the type of background you would like for your QR Code. Select one of the three types of backgrounds:

  • Color: You can choose to have a solid fill for your QR Code background by selecting ‘color’ from the dropdown menu. Next, select the color you wish to use using the color selector. You can also enter the Hex code for your brand colors to better integrate your QR Code into your business.

  • Image: Upload a custom image for your QR Code background by selecting ‘Image’ from the dropdown menu. This is ideal for theme-based product packaging and QR Codes for thematic special offers. Simply select ‘Image’ from the dropbox and upload your image into the dropbox below.

Note: Ensure that your background image contrasts with your QR Code to ensure good scannability.

  • Transparent Background: You can also choose to have a transparent background for your QR Code by selecting the ‘Transparent’ option from the dropdown menu. This will enable you to truly merge your QR Code with product packaging.

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