Introducing Beaconstac’s Workato and Integromat integrations, offering accessibility to QR Code automation, regardless of your automation platform preference.

Prefer using Zapier? We’ve got you covered.

Integromat and Workato allow you to connect apps in your workflow, automate everyday processes and avoid data silos. With Beaconstac’s integration, you can now automate your QR Code workflow in an easy-to-use, code-free environment.

How to create workflows using Beaconstac and Workato

#1. Setting up your Workato account

Step 1 - Sign up for Workato with your email address, Google Account, or any one of the multiple options available.

Step 2 - Open the ‘Connections’ tab under ‘Projects’ and select ‘Create connection’.

Step 3 - Search for ‘Beaconstac’ and click on the SDK that appears.

Step 4 - Enter the connection and project details in the fields shown. Don’t forget to add your API key and organization ID! (You can find the API key and Organization ID under ‘My Account’ on the Beaconstac dashboard).

Now, you’re ready to automate your very own QR Code campaign!

Say you want to be notified via Gmail every time a user scans your QR Code. To do so, we’ll need to start a new recipe.

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#2. Creating recipes in Workato

Step 1 - Click on the ‘Recipe’ tab under ‘Projects’ and click on ‘Create recipe’.

Step 2 - Enter the name for your recipe, select the appropriate project and click on the ‘trigger from app’ button before hitting ‘Start building’.

Step 3 - On the next page, select Beaconstac as your trigger app.

Step 4 - Select ‘QR Code scanned’ as the trigger.

Step 5 - Select ‘Action in an app’ as your action.

Step 6 - Since we’re looking to be notified via Gmail, search for Gmail in the panel on the right and select the Gmail app.

Step 7 - Select the ‘Send email’ action.

Step 8 - Set your Gmail connection’s name for future reference and select permissions as applicable. You will be prompted to sign into your Gmail account on hitting the ‘Connect’ button.

Step 9 - Once you have connected your Gmail account, click on the ‘Send email via Gmail’ module in your workflow to enter details into your email. Here, you can enter the recipient’s email address, the subject, and text as required.

Step 10 - Workato also lets you add data collected in previous triggers to your email’s body for more context. You can select any of the parameters for the ‘QR Code Scan’ action to get more in-depth information with each notification.

Step 11 - Your automation is now ready! Hit the test button on the top right to test out your new recipe.

Step 12 - Once you’re happy, make sure you save the recipe. To get the recipe running, select it from the ‘Projects’ tab and click ‘Start recipe’.

How to create workflows using Beaconstac and Integromat

#1. Creating a scenario in Integromat

Step 1 - Set up your account in Integromat with your email address, Google, Facebook, or Github account.

Step 2 - To get started with your scenario, select ‘Create a new scenario’ in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also select the ‘Scenarios’ tab on the left panel on your screen and create a new scenario from here.

Step 3 - Select the ‘+’ button in the center of your screen, search for Beaconstac in the search bar that appears and select the Beaconstac app.

Step 4 - Since we’re looking to be notified for every QR Code scanned, select ‘Watch QR Code scan’.

Step 5 - Now it’s time to connect your Beaconstac account to Integromat. To create a webhook, select the ‘Add’ button next to the webhook field that appears.

Step 6 - Name your Webhook and create a connection with Beaconstac by selecting the ‘Add’ button.

Step 7 - You will be prompted to fill in your API key and Organization ID. You can find these values under ‘My Accounts’ in your Beaconstac dashboard. Once filled, create the connection and save your webhook.

Step 8 - Next, click on the ‘+’ icon next to the Beaconstac module to add a new module to your scenario.

Step 9 - In this case, we want to get notified via Gmail. Search for Gmail in the search bar that appears, select the Gmail app and click on ‘Send an Email’.

Step 10 - Once you’ve selected ‘Send an Email’, you will be prompted to fill in the details for your email. Fill in the recipient’s address, the subject of the email, and write down the body in the window that appears.

Just like Workato, you can bring more context to your notification by adding relevant parameters from the QR Code to the email via HTML tags.

Step 11 - Test out your scenario by hitting the ‘Run once’ button.

Step 12 - Once you’re happy with your scenario, you can begin running it. Simply head over to the ‘Scenarios’ tab and switch on your scenario by flicking the switch on the right.

What more can you do with Integromat and Workato?

Integromat and Workato open doors to new possibilities for QR Code automation. Sync responses from lead generation forms with your favorite CRM, set up an analytics workflow on Google Sheets to track QR scan details, sync QR Codes with your loyalty program, automate dynamic QR code generation (complete with templates of your choice) and so much more.

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