With Beaconstac's latest bulk QR Code update, you can now carry out several operations on entire batches of QR Codes to better organize, analyze and use the QR Codes that you create, leading to quicker and more easily deployed QR Code campaigns.

QR Code menu operations

From assigning labels to QR Codes for better management to downloading them in bulk - several bulk operations can be carried out directly from the QR Code menu.

To get started, Log in to the Beaconstac dashboard and select QR Codes.

1) Assigning labels to batches of QR Codes

Labels help you classify and organize batches of QR Codes based on projects, campaigns, goals, marketing channels, and so much more. They also enable you to carry out other bulk operations.

Here's how you can label entire batches of QR Codes at once:

Step 1 - Select the QR Codes for labeling

Begin by selecting the QR Codes you wish to put under the same label. You can do this by selecting the checkboxes next to the relevant QR Codes or by using the filter option to filter QR Codes based on name, URL, QR Code type, campaign, or source.

Note - If you do not select any QR Codes for labeling, the label will be applied to all the QR Codes across your account.

Step 2 - Select the label

Press the 'Label' button at the top of the page to assign labels to the selected QR Codes. Select the label(s) from the list. You can also create a new label by typing its name into the 'Search label' bar.

Click Apply once you’ve selected the label(s).

You’ve successfully assigned labels to your QR Codes.

2) Download multiple QR Codes at once

You can now download an unlimited number of QR Codes at once, making deployment quick and easy.

Here's how:

Step 1: Select the QR Codes you wish to download

You can choose to download a select few or all the QR Codes in your account.

Select the QR Codes you wish to download using the checkboxes on the left or filter the QR Codes by label, name, campaign, source, type, or URL.

Not selecting any QR Codes will imply that you wish to download all QR Codes by default.

Step 2: Begin download

Click on the 'Download' button at the top of the list to download your QR Codes in bulk.

Select the file type, size, and error correction level, and click Download.

The download will start immediately in your browser, and you’ll receive the QR Codes in a zipped file.

QR Code analytics operations

You can now export analytics for multiple QR Codes at once using the labels feature. Remember, you will first need to label the QR Codes you wish to analyze.

Once you've labeled your QR Codes, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the QR Codes

Head over to the Analytics page by selecting it from the left panel.

Select the label(s) for the QR Codes’ data you want to export.

Once you’ve selected the label(s), click Export.

Step 2: Select the data range

Select the date range for which you want to export the analytics data.

Click Export.

That's it! You’ll now receive an email with a CSV file of your exported data.

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