Show off your brand or product with Beaconstac's new Image Slider feature. Image sliders are a great way of making your landing pages more engaging and allow you to include more content with minimal clutter.

Step 1: Create Your Landing Page

Create your landing page as usual. For instructions on how to create a landing page, check out this article: How to use the Landing Page Creator

As you create your landing page, choose your placement for the image slider. To select your placement, you can simply click on the space where you want it to go in the Landing Page Creator in the same way that you would place text.

Step 2: Select the Slider Creator

In the Landing Page Creator you will see a plus sign that will say 'More Rich' when you hover over it. When you click this button you will see two options: 'add audio' and 'add slider.' Select 'add slider' to create your image slider.

Step 3: Upload and Select Your Images

After you've selected 'create slider' a box will appear prompting you to add slides. Click on the plus sign to upload and select your images. You will have to add your images one at a time and navigate to 'add slides' again for each image you choose to include. The images will appear in the image slider menu as you add them.

You can choose to either add existing images from your gallery or upload new images.

Step 4: Set Your Parameters

Once you've added all of your desired images you can set parameters for your image slider. You can either opt to have it autoplay (automatically scroll through the images) or have the user click through the slides. If you select autoplay you can also set the amount of time that each image is on display in milliseconds. 'Controls' determine whether your user can click through the slides, and 'Indicators' determine whether the user will see arrows around the image slider or if the arrows will only show up when the user hovers over the images.

After you've created your slider you will be able to see a preview of it on the right side of the landing page creator. When you're happy with your image slider click 'Save.'

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