QR coupon codes are a powerful tool for brands and retailers who want to attract new customers and improve engagement without the hassle and clutter of traditional paper coupons. Users can scan QR coupon codes, or save a coupon code on their device and show it to a retailer, who can then scan the coupon code and apply it to their purchase.

Users with Apple devices can even save coupon codes to their Apple Wallet to easily redeem their reward or discount.

Step 1: Select Coupon Code creation

Go to the dynamic QR code creation menu and click the 'Coupon Code' option.

Step 2: Enter coupon details

In the creation menu, you will see a preview of a default coupon landing page - you can edit this later.

First enter your coupon code, the expiration date, and the time zone in which it will expire. You can also opt to have the code expire after it's been used a certain number of times by checking the 'Limit number of times the coupon can be use' button and entering your desired limit.

Enter the header, description header and message that is to be viewed on your digital coupon.

You can further add any terms and conditions and enter the location where the coupon can be used. You can also add your company logo (not pictured - the logo upload button is below the map).

Step 3: Customize coupon code

After you've filled in the details, it's time to design your coupon code. Head over to the 'Themes' section under the 'Setup' tab. Here, you can choose between various preset design templates in the 'Public Themes' tab or customize your own. You can modify an existing template in the 'Customize' tab. When you've made your desired changes, name your theme and click 'Save Theme.'

If you want to further customize your theme, head over to the 'Additional Settings' tab. Here, you will find additional customization options, including the ability to enter a custom CSS. You can also choose which type of barcode the coupon code will have when a user scans it and adds it to their digital wallet. You can create a QR code, a bar code, or an Aztec code.

Step 4: Customize QR Code

Once you've finished creating your coupon code and designing your theme, it's time to customize your QR code in the 'Customize' tab.

To learn how to customize QR Codes on Beaconstac, check out this article.

Step 5: Scan and add to Apple Wallet

Your coupon code is now ready! When the user scans the QR code the coupon will appear on their phone. If they use iOS the option to add the coupon to their Apple Wallet will be at the bottom of the screen:

If the user opts to add the coupon to the Apple Wallet, the barcode, QR code, or Aztec code for your coupon will be saved to their Apple Wallet for retailers to scan:

Users with Android devices will have the option to save the coupon code to their device.

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