Set up your custom domain and SSL

Adding a new custom domain just got simpler.

To add a new custom domain, click on your Account and scroll all the way down to Custom Domains.

STEP 1: Click on +ADD to add a new domain

STEP 2: Add a name for your reference and the domain name

STEP 3: Follow the steps in the Domain Configuration pop up window

Add the CNAME records to your DNS configuration.

STEP 4: Click on 'Verify now'

If your CNAME records have been added successfully, you should see the Verified status.

Request SSL verification

Once your custom domain is set up, you will see CNAME records that you need to add to your DNS configuration to set up the SSL.

Hit 'Request now' once it's added.

Updating organizations

You can then update organizations to use the new custom domain.

Account -> Scroll to Organizations -> Select Organization

You will see a pop-up window like so:

Under Custom domain, you can choose from a list of custom domains.

Note: If you switch to a new custom domain for an organization, any QR Codes created before this change will continue to have the old custom domain. Only new QR Codes created under the organization will show the new custom domain.

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