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Send SMS via QR Code based forms
Send SMS via QR Code based forms

Send SMS to users that fill out your form

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Configure your QR Code-based forms to send out an SMS notification to users upon form completion. This is great for thanking users for filling out your form, adding a call to action, or helping leads find the next step on their journey to becoming customers for your business.

How to enable sending SMS

STEP 1: Create the form

Create the QR Code-based form from the Beaconstac dashboard.

Ensure that you add a field for the user's phone number in the form.

For a step-by-step guide on creating forms on Beaconstac, click here.

STEP 2: Enable ‘Send SMS’

Once you've added all the questions to your form, create a 'Thank You Page' Type of question. Enable the 'Send SMS' option, and customize the message you wish to send out.

Note: To enable 'Send SMS', you need to have a 'Phone Number' Type question in your form.

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