Let’s say you want to create a COVID-19 declaration form. Based on the user’s answer, you can show them either a different question or a response.

To activate logic jumps, you need to have at least one question on the form.

Let’s create a basic form to illustrate how logic jumps work.

STEP 1: Log in to the dashboard and hit ‘Create’

STEP 2: Click on ‘Create new’ to start from scratch

STEP 3: Add question(s)

I’ve added a Yes or No question: Have you been experiencing any COVID symptoms?. Once you click on Add, you will start seeing Logic Jump as one of the options.

STEP 4: Add 2 ‘thank you screen(s)’

If the user answers Yes, I’m going to redirect to a ‘Thank you screen’ that says “Please talk to a representative. Access is denied.”

If the answer is no, the screen will say “Access is granted”

STEP 5: Activate the logic jump

Click on ‘Add logic jump’

Setting up the logic jump is pretty easy. If someone answers ‘Yes’ to the question, then jump to the first thank you screen.

In all other cases, jump to the second thank you screen.

Test it out

Scan this QR Code to see it in action:

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