The restaurant industry was one of the most affected sectors during the pandemic, having to undergo a rigorous transformation to keep up with the new normal's health and safety concerns. One key element that helped restaurants in this transition was the introduction of contactless menus in the form of scannable QR Codes.

Beaconstac enables restaurants to create engaging, contactless QR Code menus in a matter of minutes. Here's how:

How to create a Restaurant Menu QR Code

Step 1: Head over to the Restaurant Menu creation screen

Login to the Beaconstac dashboard, head over to the QR Code menu, and select 'Create QR Code'.

Next, choose “Restaurant Menu” QR Code

Step 2: Upload menu

Choose a category and upload your menu(s) in PDF format.

If a category doesn’t apply to your restaurant, you can edit or remove it by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner.

You can also add your own categories and specify your hours, whether you serve alcoholic beverages, and choose an icon for it.

Step 3: For multi-lingual menus

If your menu is available in more than one language, turn on the multi-lingual feature. This will allow you to add multiple languages to a single QR Code. Now users can see the menu based on their smartphone’s locale.

Step 4: Add branding

It's time to bring your brand to your menu. Upload your logo, add a description, sub-heading, footer, and change the font and background image to customize the experience for your customer.

Step 5: Customize the QR Code

Once you've finished editing your menu, you will be taken to the QR Code customization screen where you can personalize the QR Code to meet your requirements.

Learn how to create custom QR Codes on Beaconstac.

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