How to create a Restaurant Menu QR Code

STEP 1: Sign up or log in to the dashboard.

STEP 2: Choose “Restaurant Menu” QR Code

STEP 3: Choose a category and upload your menu(s)

If a category doesn’t apply to your restaurant, you can edit or remove it by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner.

You can also add your own categories and specify your hours, whether you serve alcoholic beverages, and choose an icon for it.

[OPTIONAL] STEP 4: Turn on the multi-lingual feature

You can add multiple languages to a single QR Code and users will see the menu based on their smartphone’s language setting.

STEP 5: Add your branding

Upload your logo, add a description, sub-heading, footer, and change the font and background image to customize the experience for your customer.

STEP 6: Customize the QR Code and download it

Helpful Resources for Restaurant Menu QR Codes

Advanced Controls for Restaurant Menu QR Codes

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