You can download your QR Code in 5 different formats: 

  • PNG

  • SVG

  • EPS

  • PDF

  • JPG

To download the QR Code in a custom size or change the error correction level, click on 'Custom'. You will see this pop-up

Size of the QR Code

To change the size, click on the arrow and you'll see 4 different size options - 515 x 512 px, 1024 x 1024 px, 2048 x 2048 px and 4096 x 4096 px: 

Error Correction Level in the QR Code

To change the error correction, click on the arrow to reveal 4 different levels - Low, Medium, High, Highest

Make sure you choose the right file type - PNG, EPS, SVG, PDF or JPG and hit 'Download'

You can further download QR Codes in bulk using the 'Download' button at the top of the QR Code screen.

Select the QR Codes you wish to download using the checkboxes next to them. Alternatively, you can select a group of QR Codes using the 'Filters' dropdown at the top of the screen.

Once you've made your selection, press the download button and select the format, error correction level and size of each QR Code as above.

Note - Pressing the download button without selecting any QR Codes will prompt a download for all the QR Codes in your Beaconstac account.

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