Zapier is a no-code online automation tool that connects over 1,500 apps. By integrating Zapier with Beaconstac, you can connect with various apps such as HubSpot and GSuite. You can also create custom workflows that automate tasks based on 'trigger events' in your favourite apps, without any coding or relying on developers.


Integrate Zapier with Beaconstac

  1. Sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  2. Click Integrations in the left menu.

  3. Click Zapier.


  5. Sign in to your Zapier account in a new tab or window.

  6. Click My Apps in the left menu.

  7. Search for “Beaconstac”, then click Connect.

  8. Paste the copied YOUR API KEY and ORGANIZATION ID in the Developer token and Organization ID fields respectively.

  9. Click Yes, Continue.

Once you are done, you can create Zaps to connect with multiple apps. You can also use Zap templates to automate repetitive tasks with your connected apps.

What’s next?: Ready-to-use Zap Templates for automating workflows

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