What is a multi-lingual QR Code?

A multi-lingual QR Code redirects based on the language setting on the smartphone. This means the same QR Code can be added to a product packaging that ships to Paris, New York, Brazil or Mexico. When the consumer scans the QR Code, they consume content in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish respectively.

How do businesses use multi-lingual QR Codes?

#1. Add multi-lingual QR codes to product packages or the product. This helps in delivering a consistent experience across the globe

#2. Place QR codes on app-first websites to drive downloads. Consumers scan these QR Codes to install the apps from Google Play and App Store, which again is translated based on the smartphone language setting

How to create a multi-lingual QR Code campaign?

#1. Select the type of QR Code you want to create (Website, mobile landing page, PDF, location, app download etc)

#2. Add the languages you want to support. Then, add the URL or landing page you want to deliver for each language

#3. Customize your QR Codes with your brand logo, colors, and shapes

#4. That’s it. Download your QR Code and use it to attract a global audience!

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