You can use forms to generate leads, ask for customer feedback and conduct surveys. 

Here’s a list of all the upgrades and how to use them: 

#Update 1: Welcome Screen

Offer customers the chance to opt-in with an aesthetically pleasing ‘Welcome Screen’. Add an enticing image or a video that reflect your service or product and customize the button title.  

How to use this feature: 

Go to ‘Forms’ on the dashboard and click on ‘Create’

Enter the ‘Form name’

This will be the name of your form for reference and tracking later. 

Enter the ‘Title’

This could be a short question or a compelling CTA that incentivizes the user to start filling out the form. 

Enter the ‘Description’

This is an optional field which you can use to further explain what the user can expect from the form. You could add a description that says “It will only take 5 minutes” or “Get 50% off on your next visit”

Enter the ‘Button Title’

The default title is ‘Start’ but you can replace and customize it if required. 

Add an Image/Video

Again, this is an optional field. Adding visual content helps make your brand stand out and eye-tracking studies have proved that consumers are far more likely to follow through with filling out the form when it’s accompanied with visual content. 

After filling out all these details, you will end up with this welcome screen: 

#Update 2: Real-time Preview

View the form as your lead or customer would in real-time as you edit it. 

#Update 3: Thank You Screen

Add a thank you screen for your customers and leads to upsell or grow your online traffic. This ‘Thank You Screen’ is what they will see once they click on ‘Submit’.   

How to use this feature: 

Enter the ‘Title’ 

Enter the ‘Button Title’

Add a compelling CTA like “Follow us on Instagram” or “Buy Online” in the Button Title. 

Enter the Redirect URL

This is the URL that the user will get redirected to when they click on the button. 

Turn on Social Sharing

You can turn on social sharing for this form. By doing so, consumers can share your form online on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Add Image/Video

Similar to the ‘Welcome Screen’, you can add visual content with an image or a video.  

This is what you can expect to see:

#Update 4: Retargeting on Facebook and Google

Start retargeting leads and consumers online on Google and Facebook. Once they fill out your form, you can retarget them. Retargeting has a 10x CTR of a normal display ad.  

How to use this feature:

Enter the Google Tag Container ID and/or Facebook Pixel ID

#Update 5: Get responses to your email in real-time

After having one bad experience, 51% of consumers will never do business with a company again. To reduce the risk of losing customers to other brands, get in touch with them immediately using this nifty update that allows you to get notified of new responses via email. You can enter multiple email addresses as well. 

How to use this feature: 

Simply enter the emails you want to send the response to 

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