Now that you know how to create QR code campaigns, you can step it up with a little personalization. 

Using your own custom domain

This is extremely easy to implement. Here's what you have to do after you login to the dashboard.

Click on your Account Name and select 'Account' from the drop-down menu.

Scroll all the way down to 'Organizations'

Here you will find 'Master' and other organizations. 

Setting up your custom domain

Click on Edit next to the organization and you will see this window pop up.

STEP 1: Under Custom domain, you can enter your domain name. 

STEP 2: For this to work, you will need to add the following CNAME records: 

qr.<your-custom-domain-name>.com pointing to

STEP 3: Email after you configure your DNS records so that we can set up SSL certificates for your custom domain. 

That's it. You're all set.

Note: If you set up a custom domain in the Master organization, all the other organizations will follow suit. You can also set up separate domains for each organization if you wish. 

Using a custom URL

You can change the URL when you create a QR code. 

Scroll all the way down under the 'Customize' tab and you will find the option 'URL' 

Toggle the Auto-generation option and type the preferred URL 

That's it. You're done!

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