How to create a PDF QR code?

You can 

  1. Convert a PDF that is hosted online to a QR code

  2. Upload a PDF and convert it to a QR code

#Method 1: Convert a PDF that is hosted online 

Converting a PDF to QR code does not require you to be a developer or any complex tools. A PDF can be turned into a QR code in 3 easy steps

  1. Generate a quick landing page using the Beaconstac platform. You could use one of our markdown card templates or build one from scratch. It doesn't require any coding! 

  2. Link the PDF from these landing pages. Grab the URL of the digital marketing material and link it from the markdown card (mobile landing pages).

  3. Creating the PDF QR code Generate a QR code on the Beaconstac platform and assign the landing page to it. If you are not looking to create landing pages and want to send users directly to the PDF, skip step 1 and 2. Start by creating a QR code for the digital PDF.

Your Google Drive files can now be shared with a single QR code. Here’s a simple, step-wise guide on how to do that.

[P.S. If your PDF is hosted online other than Google Drive, skip STEP 1 and go to STEP 2 right away.]

Upload your PDF on Google Drive

Open the Google Drive file you want to share as a QR code

Open the file and click on three dots on the top right corner. Select ‘Share’.

Choose the type of access you want others to have - edit, comment or view

STEP 2: Beaconstac’s QR code solution - Creating the static or dynamic QR code

We will use dynamic QR codes to illustrate the process. 

Click on Create QR Code

Choose ‘PDF’ QR Code

Paste the Google drive link

Customize the QR code by adding your preferred color

Add a logo

Test and download it in your preferred format

#Method 2: Upload a PDF and convert it to a QR Code

If your PDF is on your local drive, you can always upload it on our dashboard and convert it to a QR code. Here's how:

Click on ‘Create QR code’

Choose ‘PDF’ QR code

Upload your PDF

Customize your QR code

Generate and download it in your preferred format

For more information, please refer to our webpage 'How to convert PDF to QR Code'

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