Retargeting works for all beacon, NFC tags and QR code campaigns.

Please see this article for Facebook retargeting: Retargeting with Facebook

You can re-target your in-store traffic on Google with Beaconstac's Google Conversion ID integration. 

Customers that open a markdown card will be tracked by Google and consequently you can show them ads that you are running currently on Google or use the audience list for a campaign in the future. 

Learn more about remarketing here.

How to integrate Google Conversion ID on the Beaconstac dashboard

Step 1: Open your Google Ads account

Step 2: Click on Tools

Step 3: Click on Audience Manager

Step 4: Click on Audience Sources
Note: If you haven't created a Google Ad, then create one so that you can see the Google Ads tag. 

Step 5: Click on 'Details' on Google Ads tag and scroll all the way down till you see 'Tag Setup' 

Step 6: Click on Tag Setup and scroll all the way down to 'Use Tag Manager'

Step 7: A pop-up window will open that will contain your Google Conversion ID. Copy it.

Step 8: Open your Beaconstac account

Step 9: Click on Markdown cards and open the Markdown card you wish to add the Google retargeting to.

Step 10: Scroll all the way down and expand 'Tracking'. Enter your Google Conversion ID and hit 'Save.'

Now, you're all set to start retargeting your in-store traffic online on Google. Alternatively, you can also set up an Audience list in the Audience Manager to run a Google Ads campaign specifically targeted at the consumers on the list.

How to create an Audience List

Step 1: Click on Audience Manager

Step 2: Click on Audience Lists and create a new one. Choose 'Website Visitors'

Step 3: Give your audience an Audience name and enter the '' in the Visited Page section as seen in the image below.

Step 4: Click on Create Audience

Now your audience list has been created. You can run a Google Ads campaign to market to only these consumers on the list.

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