For non-Beaconstac beacons, 3 requirements must be fulfilled. 

  1. Beacons must transmit an Eddystone UID frame

  2. Beacons must transmit an Eddystone URL frame

  3. The Eddystone URL must be an HTTPS (secure) URL

Note: You must be in close proximity to the beacons 

Step 1: Open/Install the Beacon Set+ app on Android and iOS

Step 2: Select the beacon you wish to configure on your ‘Devices’ list

Step 3: Tap on one of the Slots, say Slot 2 to change the frame type to UID and set the frame type for Slot 3 to URL

Step 4: When you select the frame type, choose HTTPs format for the URL and hit ‘Save’

Here is a short video that explains these 4 simple steps

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