Even if you haven't purchased beacons from Beaconstac, you can now get NearBee to show notifications in the background. 

Please read how to configure beacons so that NearBee can detect them before following the instructions in this article.

For Beaconstac beacons

Beaconstac beacons by default have been designed to be detected by NearBee and have the notifications displayed in the background.  There's nothing for you to do!

For other beacons

Step 1. Give permissions to our service account in your project

Login to the Google Cloud Platform

Add 'nearbee-attachment-publisher@beaconstac-1043.iam.gserviceaccount.com'. as a new IAM user in your project.

Assign it the role of ‘BeaconAttachmentPublisher’ so that we can publish attachments to your beacons.

Step 2. Make a POST request to the NearBee API

Please see this to understand how to make a POST request: https://www.toolsqa.com/postman/post-request-in-postman/

POST https://nearbee.beaconstac.com/beacons/attachments (Clicking on this link will make a GET request

  "name": "a",
  "googlePlaceID": "abc",
  "iconURL": "https://abc.com",
  "coverURL": "ado",
  "color": "abcdef"
     "title": "a",
     "description": "b",
     "url": "a",
     "language": "en",
     "iconURL":  "https://abc.com",
     "bannerImageURL": "amofm",
     "bannerType": 1
"title": "a",
"description": "b",
"url": "a",
"language": "hi",
"iconURL": "https://abc.com",
"bannerImageURL": "amofm",
"bannerType": 2



This is the beaconName. A beacon name has the format "beacons/N!beaconId" where the beaconID is the base16 ID broadcast by the beacon and N is a code for the beacon's type.
N = 3 for Eddystone
N = 1 for iBeacon
N = 5 for AltBeacon.

When you register your beacons on the Proximity API, leave this field blank. After you register, you will receive a beacon name which can be used for further operations.

Resources: https://developers.google.com/beacons/proximity/reference/rest/v1beta1/beacons 

name: Name of your business.

GooglePlaceID: Place IDs uniquely identify a place in the Google Places database and on Google Maps. Find yours here.

iconURL: The URL to your business's logo

coverURL: The URL to the cover image for the business's home page on the app

color: Set the color in case you wish to have a color instead of a cover image.

title: Title of the content. Insert a compelling CTA here.

description: Description of your offer in brief. 

url: The landing page URL which contains the content.

language: Set the language of the content. Choose en for English.

bannerImageURL: The URL to the banner image for the campaign.

Choose between a horizontal and vertical banner. Set 1 for horizontal and 2 for vertical.

Completing this step will allow you to manage how your business's page and offers appear to the consumers on the NearBee app.

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