On the Beaconstac dashboard, you will be able to see how your campaigns are performing and the three parameters are - Notifications, Clicks and Unique Visitors.


The number of beacon notifications sent out from all your active beacons is counted and displayed here. You can think of it in terms of how many users you reached. 


This number is calculated based on the number of consumers who clicked on the notification on their smartphone or other smart devices. 


Under Clicks, you will notice that CTR in terms of percentage is mentioned. CTR stands for Click-Through-Rate and is calculated like so:

CTR = (Number of Clicks / Number of Notifications) * 100%

CTR allows you to see how effective your campaign is and if it needs some fine-tuning. 

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Unique Visitors

This number is indicative of how many unique visitors your campaign received. This means that if the same user clicks on your notification multiple times, it will still be considered as one visitor and will be only counted once. 

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