Note: Markdown Cards are now known as Landing Pages

One of our key features is campaign analytics that allows you to see how well your campaigns are doing. 

To gain deeper insights into your audience, we also allow you to integrate Google Analytics with the Beaconstac dashboard. There are two ways this helps:

  1. All your analytics - from your website and app and beacon campaigns are in one place post-integration.

  2. Audience demographics are revealed.

However, remember that Google Analytics will only show how many people clicked on your markdown card and not how many people got the notification. To know the reach of your campaign, refer to the Beaconstac's Analytics tab which captures the reach as 'Notifications'. 

Check Beaconstac's Analytics tab to check the reach

How to integrate Google Analytics with the Beaconstac dashboard

Step 1: Create or Sign in to your Google Analytics account

If you do not already have a Google Analytics account, create one. You will need to have a Google account for this.

If you already have a Google Analytics account, sign in to your account.

Step 2: Set up a property in your Analytics account.

Your website or app is represented by a property and is the collection point for all the data.

a. Click on Admin

b. Click on Account and use the menu to select the account to which you want to add the property.

Set up a property in Google Analytics

c. In the Property column, create a new property from the menu.

Create a new property

d. Type in the website name

e. For the Website URL, change the http:// to https:// and type (Refer to the screenshot). This will enable you to track all your markdown cards. If you want to track a single markdown card, enter the complete URL.

For QR Code campaigns, type or or the entire URL to track a single QR Code.

Enter the URL to track the QR Code

f. Once you fill this information out, click on Get Tracking ID

Get tracking ID

Step 3: Insert Google Analytics code into your Beaconstac account

On the Beaconstac dashboard

a. Click on your Account Name

Click on your Account name

b. From the drop-down menu, select Account

c. Scroll all the way down to Organizations

Enter your Tracking ID

d. Under GA code, type in your Tracking ID and hit Save 

Now on your Google Analytics dashboard, you will start seeing the analytics from your markdown cards like so –

Google Analytics dashboard

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