When you start creating a Markdown card, you will have two options. 

  1. Choose one of the templates
  2. Create your own

If you choose a template for your markdown card, the font type will be preset depending on the markdown card theme. You can change the font by writing custom CSS. 

Creating your own markdown card will require you to write your own Custom CSS for the font of your choice. 

How to customize the font?

In both cases, you can customize the font type by choosing Bold, Italics or use H1 or H2 to distinguish the font. 

How to change the size and color of the font?

Select your text and click on A

 Set the font size and color of your choice from the 'Set Style' pop-up.

In the 'Set Style' window, you can also set H1 to H6 tags for the text. 

How to change the font size and color of the text inside a button?

You can also change the size and colour of the text that you write within a button on the markdown card. 

Here is a preview of the markdown card with a different font size and color for the button text.

To change this, first Click on A

A new pop-up window called Set Style will open

In the Tag option, select Button. Type in the desired font size and choose a color by dragging your cursor to the desired color.

For instance, here we've chosen Font Size as 16 px and chosen White as the intended color. 

Here is the new preview of the markdown card

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