A few pointers to create an effective notification

  • Make sure that the landing page, app or website is one that some users already visit in that location.

  • The campaign should appeal to most users and be highly relevant to most users who will receive the notification.

  • Include a direct CTA in the title or description. 

  • Make sure that content has some relevance to the location your campaign is running in.

What editorial standards must the notifications adhere to?

Only content that is clear, professional in appearance and is useful and relevant to users is allowed. Do not use - 

  • Generic content that may be deemed vague such as 'Buy Products here'.

  • Words, numbers, letters, punctuations or symbols in a gimmicky way such as FREE, f-r-e-e, and F₹€€!!

  • Nonsensical text phrases or gibberish.

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