An important metric to consider when buying beacons is the transmission range of the hardware. There are a lot of things that affect this, such as whether the target device is in a straight line, or if there are any obstacles in the way, like glass, walls etc. 

The maximum range for different  hardware types are as follows - 

  • Indoor beacon - ~80 metres (Transmission power @ +4dBm)

  • Outdoor beacon - ~80 metres (Transmission power @ +4dBm)

  • Pocket beacon - ~50 metres (Transmission power @ +4dBm)

  • Keychain beacon - ~25 metres (Transmission power @ +4dBm

  • Long-range beacon - ~300 metres (Transmission power @ +4dBm

Here is a table that specifies the transmission power to be set to achieve the required transmission range:

To obtain the most out of your beacons make sure that

  • There are no obstructions near the beacons to reduce signal strength (like walls, plants, etc). Usually the center of the room is a good place. 

  • Place the beacons at a higher point to cover maximum distance.

  • Although higher transmission power will increase effective range, it also decreases battery life, make sure to play around with the hardware settings to get the best battery-life/range combo.

To know more about the hardware specification of different beacons, please refer to this comparison sheet.

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