There are a wide range of questions types that can be added to a form. 

Here's a list of each type with some short explanations which can help you figure out the type under which your question would be best placed.

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) - to be used when you need only one answer option to be selectable
  • Short Text - typically used for one word inputs¬†
  • Long Text - designed for descriptive answers
  • Statement Dropdown - a different visual representation of the MCQ
  • Yes or No
  • Number - accepts only number format inputs, can be used for phone numbers
  • Email - used strictly for email-ids
  • Rating - provides a 5 star scale
  • Opinion Scale - a scale of 0 to 10 with 3 text values (left, centre and right) where the text entered in the left field corresponds to 0, the centre field corresponds to 5 and the right field corresponds to 10
  • Website - used for website links
  • Legal - used for legal statements like disclaimers which have only two default answer options: I ACCEPT and I DON'T ACCEPT
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