We are extremely excited to announce a revolutionary improvement in the way you create beacon campaigns - Schedules! 

We understand that the offers you want to push on a weekend are very different from the offers you send on a weekday. And we were determined to address this. Now, with "Schedules" in your Beaconstac dashboard, you can add the extra bit of accuracy in your proximity campaigns.  

You can now activate your campaigns for

1. Specific days of the week, and

2. Set the time interval for pushing the notifications.

A cafe would want to send an offer for free coffee early in the morning and a free salad later in the evening.

Here's how to do it - 

1. Navigate to the "Schedules" section 

2. Create a new schedule by clicking on "+Create" on the top right corner

3. Give it a title so that it can be easily identified from a list of schedules. Select the time zone. Assign the days of the week and the time interval for which you want to activate your campaign. 

4. Create your campaign by clicking on the "Campaign tab". Select the kind of campaign it is - Markdown card / Form / Custom URL

5. In your phone you see this notification.

Once you are done managing the campaign schedule, hit "SAVE"! and then move to beacon detail page of the beacon on which you want to run this schedule.

6. Navigate to the Beacons section and then scroll to Eddystone Campaigns. You can now select the Campaign type as "Schedule" and select the Schedule which you just created.

Yay!! You're done. You can see the Eddystone Campaign running the schedule.

All the best with your targeted beacon campaigns on Beaconstac!

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