1. Transmission Power: The transmission power determines the range of the beacon and varies based on the type of beacon you have.

  2. Advertising Interval: Advertising interval determines how often the packets are being broadcasted by the beacon. Ideally you wouldn't change this as it may result in unreliable beacon detection.

How do these parameters affect the beacon battery life?
Transmission Power is inversely proportional while Advertising Interval is directly proportional to battery life.

Transmission Power ↑              Battery ↓
Advertising Interval  ↑              Battery ↑

Increasing the transmission power will put a drain on the battery whereas increasing the advertising interval will save battery. 

This is because increasing the advertising interval from 600 ms to 1000 ms for instance will lead to the beacon notifications being sent less frequently and less power consumed.

How do I change the Advertising interval and Transmission power?

You'll have to use the Beaconstac app (available for iOS and Android) to change these parameters on the beacon. Ensure that you are in close proximity to the beacon and the beacon is powered on.

  1. Login into the app with your Beaconstac credentials.

  2. On the beacon list page, select the beacon you want to edit.

  3. Click on 'Edit' button on the top right.

  4. Make the required changes and Click 'Save'.



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