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Creating your first campaign in the portal

Objective: To create a simple campaign to get to know the different Beaconstac campaign concepts

Pre-requisites: Beaconstac beacons, Beaconstac account, boilerplate app, app code that can handle the UI the way you want it, compatible iOS or Android device, visual assets and copy

Use-case: To create a “smart mannequin” campaign to be included in a retailer’s app

Let’s get started and set up a campaign in the Beaconstac dashboard:

1. Create a new rule: A rule is a condition that the user should satisfy to be notified with a message. In this case, we need the condition to be something like the user is close to the blue beacon on the mannequin wearing denim chic.

We create a rule with a rule name that describes it well and since we do not want passing-by shoppers to be notified - only those who are interested in the product - we can set the dwell time to ten seconds.

Create Rules

2. Open the ‘Cards’ item from the navigation menu in another tab and create a new card. The card contains the campaign creative - it can be images, a mix of image and text, or multimedia content such as audio or video. In this example, we will use a ‘Summary card’ which can show an image and some text. Upload an image and write in some text. Save the card when you are done. As always, choose the name for the card that is as descriptive as possible so you can find it to re-use it later.

Create Card

3. Come back to the rule you created and scroll down the page to the ‘Set Actions’ part. This is where you will define what the app should do when the rule condition is satisfied.

Set Actions

We are done! Take your phone close to the beacon and wait for 10 seconds and your card will pop up!